Tumbledown barrier in all aspect
in healthcare services

We offer expertise in platform development to achieve goal
of highest efficiency in pre-hospital healthcare.

Our Products & Services

This is an innovation in Emergency Medical Services especially in Thailand for
better health and better life of Thai people.


The inspirations that leads us to determine to develop methods that will help in emergency medical care under the name “ambulance operation center”


A-live application is designed to be your personal healthcare information record.

Tely Support

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Safety Ambulance

Real time tracking, all data accessing in one screen, continuously sending present scenes to CCC

Patient Monitoring

Show and send vital signs to both CCC and mart phones


With wireless commu- nication system in the ambulance helps rescue team to consult doctors for better rescue opera- tions.

Ambulance 3rd eye

For rescue officer to communicate with CCC when not in the ambulance.

Live an easier healthy life

A-Live application is designed to be your personal healthcare information record. A-Live devices are not only health monitoring but they can help identifying yourself when you are in unconscious position. When emergency situation occur it will help you in calling ambulance and notifying family member.

Real time
 health Information

Medical Information and Life Insurance

Connect to AOC Emergency Medical service

Access family members health record

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